Aug 4, 2016

Los Rudos ep 2.

On this episode Jason and Myself talk about the WWE Draft as well as Local and upcoming events here in Las Vegas. We also give our take on what we think should be done with the Titles or lack thereof on Smackdown Live. Jason gives us a good rundown on Lucha Underground and NXT Cruiser Weight Classic, which I have been enjoying immensely. so sit back and relax, have a listen, leave a comment, and let us know what you think!?! 

Again, this is still in the first stages and we will have more of a polished product in the up coming weeks, We appreciate any and all support, ideas, opinions, and ears! download and share, tell a friend! much, much, more to come. Thanks! 

Jul 22, 2016

Los Rudos ep 1.

Attention: Hey everyone, Trez Mala here, I am happy to announce My new Podcast, with fellow Comedian and Host, Jason Harris, as we are Los Rudos!!!  We are posting it here to help get it off the ground and soon will have it's OWN Page, I am very Excited to do this because It is a podcast about Professional Wrestling and Combat Sports, as well as whatever the hell else we want to talk about. I am thrilled as we have great things lined up, covering live events, adding video and video links to our YouTube page (still under construction), all the social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, to interviews with Wrestlers, Boxers, MMA Fighters, Comedians, and all around everyday Fans of Wrestling and Sports.

This is a very rough cut and Jason and I plan on having it polished up here all nice and professional like very soon, with a proper Intro, logo, brand, and all that. We will be changing our URL and the whole look on the page, I will also archive the old Courtesy Flush Show episodes and we will be moving on from there. 

Lastly, Our views will challenge the status quo and they will be very opinionated, as they should, so sit back, relax, enjoy our first and introductory episode 1, and spread the good word. Thank You all for Your support. - Trez

Aug 13, 2014

Our Hiatus is over….

Hello!!! After a long hiatus, John Gilligan and myself, Trez Mala, are back to chatting it up and having some fun talking shop and all things interesting and new. We've gone through a few changes and a few set back, but hey, that is a part of the whole journey, We're happy to have made it through. I myself have been afforded opportunities since the last time and John as well, many for John in fact. 

At the moment The Courtesy Flush Show has a a new location and a whole new set up, that will allow us to be able to podcast more frequent and have more guest, with the aim to regain our consistency. 
Sit back and relax and enjoy. 

Nov 26, 2013

Getting slap happy with Comedians Joe Caliz and Graig Salerno!

Yoyo! We're back at it, John Gilligan and Myself, Trez Mala are firing up another episode with our good friends Graig and Joe, where we talk about a multitude of different things, topics ranging from hand grenades to prostitute girl friends, back washing in a bottle of whiskey, and as always Run on John with his regaling of times of old....

thanks again for listening. also if anyone has anything to say, any pointers, comments, etc. fire away, we'd love to hear them! Peace.

Oct 22, 2013

Lost time and memory loss but we found it again, Hangin with Comedian Doug Canney!

So we've been MIA for a bit, sorry about that, but a myriad of problems have occurred and we're still dealing with some as we keep moving along. The good old timing for failed equipment struck at a vulnerable point, studio issues with a group of fanooches really put a damper on things, and the unfortunate circumstance that involved high risk gun running also became a factor, yet we keep on keepin on.

This episode which had been victim to some of the above circumstances, sans the gun running, yet we were able to find it shrouded in the deep confines of unlabeled recorded material we had. So it is with great pleasure that we found it because we had a really fun time and awesome conversation with touring headlining comedian Doug Canney. Doug is a hard working comic who cut his teeth as a musician prior to becoming a full time Stand Up Comedian. He is a guy that is serious about his craft while making people laugh. He was full of insight and a good source for real information about being on the road and working for yourself as a comedian. Sit back and enjoy the jam session, with Me Trez Mala as your host, along with John Gilligan sitting shotgun, as we fire it up with Doug Canney!

sorry for the delaaaaaay..... -Trez

Aug 1, 2013

The Gun Show: Hanging with Comedienne AK also the Lone Wolf Chef Chuck

This episode we sat down with one helluva a person,friend,comedienne, and down right awesome person, Comedienne AK!!! She is one of our favorite peoples here on this spaceship earth. She talks about her comedy career, life in Las Vegas, life in St. Louis, and he many endeavors in charities and philanthropy! Truly a prime example for all to follow in her foot steps. 

Also hanging with us is The Lone Wolf, Chef Chuck. A mild manner young Chef on the rise, who, although he might not say much, he is straight to the point when he does. Chef Chuck is fresh onto the podcasting scene, and is more of a dominant force in the kitchen than he is on the mic, but that doesn't deter him from shooting the breeze with us at The Courtesy Flush Show. 

sit back and relax, have a listen, enjoy the laughs, as John Gilligan, AK, Chef Chuck, and Myself, Trez Mala crank this one out!!! peace! - Trez Mala  

Jul 23, 2013

Late night with Marty Forrest….

Here John and myself catch up with Las Vegas funny man, comedian, Marty Forrest. There is a lot to be said about health and looks, which Mr. Marty Forrest is not afraid to shell out his point of view on the subject, and much more, way more, god Marty just doesn't stop, lol. This episode was fueled by Jamesons irish whiskey.... even though I am a Bushmills kind of guy myself. 

Tune in, have a listen, and enjoy! -Trez Mala


Jun 30, 2013

John and Trez

This time we had a couple of fanooch comics flake out on us, acting like they didn't know the date and time, when I confirmed with both of them the night before..... anyways, we sure didn't want to give them any attention for it, so John and Myself sat down and had a good time talking about Las Vegas, Stand Up Comedy, the good old days, drinking and driving as a sport, cooking lamb fries, and all sorts of stuff. Tune in, have a listen and enjoy yourselves...... we did.


Jun 16, 2013

Moving it along

This episode Bobby Wayne Stauts, John Gilligan, and I, sit down and have a round table with Zach O Wiseman and talk about Bobby's new challenge to anyone who's is down for some drinking and mayonnaise, Cinco de Mayo, GET SOME! Plus all sorts of chicanery, tune in and have a listen, we had ourselves a good time.


Jun 5, 2013

Catching up with the Bad Decisions Tour crew

We had the fortunate chance to catch up with all the guys from the Bad Decisions Tour, Diaz Mackie, Tony Valle, and Bob Keen. They've been on tour all over the country, from east coast to the west coast, all over the mid west, and a dip through the south. They shared stories, the toughness of being on the road, as well as the payoff for going on adventures, meeting new people, and truck stop food. Have a listen as we do The Courtesy Flush thing!!!


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